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There are more than a million apps on Android and iOS mobile stores.
With rapid smartphone penetration increasing mobile app usage worldwide, what’s the best way to capitalize on this growth?
At 1Stop Translations, we can help you leverage the opportunities with app localization. You can maximize your global visibility and multiply your downloads by translating your mobile app and localizing it to different regions.
Mobile app localization will undoubtedly boost your App Store rankings, increase downloads and grow international revenue.
App localization refers to adapting the interface and functionality of a mobile application to suit foreign language markets.
Mobile app localization aims to take linguistic, cultural, and technical differences into consideration without changing the original functionality of the actual application.
Essentially, your app is available to millions of potential new users, and that’s the power of app localization. 90% of the apps listed on the App Store leaderboards are localized.
It, therefore, comes as no surprise that users prefer to download and use apps in their native language.
The Apple and Google App Stores are currently available in more than 150 countries and support 40 languages.
If you want to maximize your app’s revenue, you’re going to have to think bigger than just the English-speaking market.

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