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A certified translation requires a translation company that attests in writing that the translation is accurate to the best of their knowledge and ability.
To ensure the highest standards of our certified translations, we include notarizing documents and issuing a Certificate of Accuracy.
We can provide you with fast, professional notarised, and certified translation for Divorce, Birth or Marriage Certificates, Adoption Documents, School and Dissertation Transcripts, Diplomas, and more.
Our bilingual, native language translators guarantee the highest quality of translation services in the industry in over 100 languages. We provide fast, accurate, and legally certified translation.
Since Certified Translations are documents intended for official authorities and legal purposes, they are admissible in a Court of Law, Schools and Universities, Police, Immigration, and other official capacities.
Their accuracy must be beyond question; furthermore, our team of experts uses several effective techniques to eliminate the possibility of fraud.
Our qualified bilingual translators specialize in their field and go through four steps:
and formatting
Therefore, you can trust our translations to be accurate enough for governmental bodies and academic organizations.
Here at 1StopTranslations, we hold ourselves to the highest standards by providing a 100% accurate, certified translation in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2017 standards.

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