In today’s market environments, some companies still use standard practices and policies, underestimating the potential of a creative Content Strategy . Today, the landscape is complex, turbulent and unpredictable. One success factor is the ability to not only react flexibly and quickly to change, but also to actively anticipate and provoke new trends.
The nature of creative work has changed dramatically. Digital channels have multiplied and the widespread success of content marketing has pushed the demand for high-quality content to new levels.
Creativity is often undervalued, logical or convergent thinking is thought to be of predominant importance, but research shows that divergent or creative thinking is critical to taking new paths in business and developing innovative ideas. In addition, creatives and marketers need to focus more on the processes of creating reproducible content, in order to maintain a fast pace and a high standard of quality work.
What is the creative process? An essential tool for your content marketing.
The means to help you understand how to brainstorm effectively and improve your creative thinking, a process that can guide you in creating content that resonates better with your audience.
Innovation and creativity are often perceived as separate: the first is identified as something in which laws and procedures are clear, established and reproducible; the second is often linked instead to a mental attitude of individuals, random, elusive and therefore not reproducible. But it is precisely this link that makes creativity so important today more than ever in the world of work: for companies it is essential to innovate, improve themselves, remain competitive and succeed in facing new challenges and complex problems, which require a great effort from the organisation and the corporate culture itself.
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