international marketing
International marketing and its strategies in the current economic environment become unavoidable options for business survival.
We are talking about an environment characterised by continuous transformation and an increasing trend towards an ever higher level of market globalisation.
Is your website ready for international marketing?
To internationalise your company, implement international web marketing strategies and sell abroad, you need a website optimised for the country you want to approach.
•  a website that is simple and immediate to navigate. This is a very subjective concept, which may require a radical rethinking of layout and navigation logic, especially if we talk about Asian or Arab users with habits different from ours.
•  A light and fast website. It must be considered that not every country has a fast internet connection, especially in some developing areas of the world. In this case, a website weighed down with difficult-to-load images and videos would be counterproductive.
•  A website that speaks the same language as your new potential customer. For your website translations, choose a Translation and Localisation Company that specialises in your industry.
•  A reliable website that conveys trust to those who, on the other side of the world, are choosing your products. Be transparent, and include emails, phone numbers, physical address and company details, plus references to the nearest agent. Better yet, if you have the opportunity, set up a real-time chat support service.
•  Finally, you need a website that reaches the top positions on local search engines (,,, Yandex, Baidu etc.).
Focusing on the similarities between markets, which will increase over time, should not disregard the differences between them and the consequent need for cultural adaptation.
On the other hand, the high costs involved in adaptation and the benefits allowed by standardisation do not allow the exclusive use of the former to be considered as actually feasible and convenient.
Success does not depend on adaptation or standardisation; rather, it is the result of combining the two, the right level of standardisation and adaptation between the elements of the marketing mix and the marketing strategies for each country.
You may have realised how important international marketing is for expanding your overseas sales network.
You have also seen how many elements need to be analysed in order to optimally take the path to internationalisation.
What if we told you that you are not alone in this journey?
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