New regulations and new licences for the Italian iGaming market

New regulations and new licences for the Italian iGaming market

With the recent acceptance of a new legal framework, Italian iGaming has entered a revolutionary period. This important move changes how online gambling and related licenses are viewed in Italy. The Reorganisation Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) was approved on January 2, 2024, which brought about the first significant changes to the Italian market since its establishment in 2011.

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The decree presents a thorough regulatory assessment of iGaming in Italy, emphasising the improvement of player protection—including that of minorsas well as the augmentation of social programmes and tax income. It also attempts to stop illegal conduct in the industry.

New regulations and new licences for the Italian iGaming market - 1Stop Translations

What will change for the Italian iGaming business?

A number of significant adjustments are brought about by Italy’s new iGaming regulations, which are expected to completely alter the country’s online gaming market.

The details are as follows:

Duration of License

The new licenses will be valid for nine years, giving operators more time to prepare and carry out their plans.

Expiration of Current Licenses

All of the licenses that are currently in effect are scheduled to expire by the end of this year, in accordance with the government’s plan to begin implementing the new iGaming regulations at the beginning of the following year.

Number of Licenses

A significant amount of interest in the Italian market is anticipated, with at least 50 requests from providers expected to seek these new licenses.

Cost of License

Each license will set operators back EUR 7 million, which is a big investment but a fair representation of the size of the iGaming sector in Italy.

Operating Fee

Operators shall pay an operating fee equal to 3% of Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), net of gaming taxes, in addition to the authorisation fee.

What will change for the Italian iGaming business? - 1Stop Translations
The Italian iGaming landscape: a shift on the horizon

Investment in Responsible Gaming

To demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, operators are required to allocate 0.2% of their Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), net of gambling taxes, to responsible gaming programmes.

Limitation on Ownership

Groups will be limited to possessing no more than five licenses in order to avoid market monopolisation.

Suitability Criteria

Only operators who uphold strict standards are permitted to enter the market, and the decree establishes extremely strict conditions to achieve these requirements.


In order to discourage operators and guarantee adherence to iGaming regulations, the potential penalties for non-compliance have been raised.

Limitations on Skins/White Label Websites

Operators are required to display their logo on a single website that has an Italian top-level domain name. The objective of this approach is to decrease customer confusion and simplify the market.

Registry for Shops Offering Top-Up Cards

Shops offering top-up cards for money transfers to gaming accounts are required to pay a yearly registration fee and be listed in a designated registry.

These changes are part of a larger initiative to bring Italy’s iGaming market up to date and make it safer, more regulated, and transparent for both operators and players. It is anticipated that the new framework will result in a more socially conscious and sustainable gaming environment in Italy.

New requirements for the Italian iGaming

The thorough revamp of Italy’s iGaming legislation improves security measures from a technical and payment processing perspective. These precautions are intended to strengthen the gaming ecosystem’s integrity and provide a safe environment for all parties.

Technically speaking, the new rules require internet platforms and software to follow strict guidelines in order to protect equity and stop fraud, dishonesty, and illegal access. This involves providing the regulatory body direct access to each of the casino’s servers, conducting thorough audits, and keeping a secure customer database to prevent illicit gaming activity.

New requirements for iGaming in Italy - 1Stop Translations
Here’s what you need to know about the latest regulations for Italian iGaming

Regarding payments, the rules impose a solid framework in order to safeguard financial activities. This covers the enforcement of the sureties given by the concessionaires as well as the demand for payment of concession fees, penalties, and interest. The goal is to guarantee that all financial transactions in the iGaming industry are open and honest.

In essence, the success of Italian iGaming operators in this new regulatory era will hinge on their ability to provide secure, fair, and transparent gaming experiences, underpinned by iGaming localisation and professional translations that resonate with a global audience.

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