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The future of US iGaming business - 1Stop Translations

The future of US iGaming business

Within the ever-changing American economic landscape, the iGaming industry has become a powerful force in the digital economy. The sector has redefined the boundaries between interactive entertainment and betting, growing from a niche market to a developing powerhouse thanks to several legislative reforms. Keeping a close eye on consumer trends and technology developments, iGaming in the US is headed for unparalleled expansion. This transformative journey is not just reshaping the gaming landscape; it’s reimagining the very fabric of American entrepreneurship.

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As we delve into the intricacies of this rapidly evolving domain, one thing is clear: the future of iGaming in the US is not just about games – it’s about the strategic interplay of regulation, innovation and market potential.

The future of US iGaming business - 1Stop Translations

The evolution of iGaming regulations in the US

With every state having the authority to create its own iGaming regulations in the digital ledger of gaming law, the legislative fabric of the United States of America is as diverse as the nation itself. This decentralized method has resulted in a mishmash of laws, with one state’s permissive laws being another’s burdensome red tape.

The way that iGaming regulations have developed is a monument to the American spirit of independence, which encourages innovation and competition while adjusting to the distinct political, social, and economic landscapes of each state.

The evolution of iGaming regulations in the US - 1Stop Translations
From prohibition to proliferation: Witness the transformative journey of iGaming regulations in the US, shaping the landscape of the iGaming industry

The ramifications are profound: a patchwork of policies that both challenges and empowers the industry to navigate through a labyrinth of legal frameworks. As states calibrate their stances, the iGaming sector stands at the forefront of a regulatory renaissance, poised to redefine the parameters of responsible gaming and economic prosperity.

New relationships with the European iGaming market

American and European businesses are growing closer in the quickly evolving US iGaming market. This is taking place in the context of recent legal modifications that have made it easier for countries to collaborate internationally. For instance, DraftKings’ recent announcement of an “outstanding” Q1 and raised full-year guidance reflects the sector’s robust growth. European companies are leveraging their wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology to take advantage of the burgeoning American hunger for online gaming.

As they merge into the US market, there’s a buzz that this could lead to the US overtaking Europe’s iGaming business in the next ten years. With companies like Penn Entertainment remaining optimistic about growth despite revenue drops, and Flutter Entertainment moving its primary listing to the NYSE, the US market is showing signs of a significant upswing.

New relationships with the European iGaming market - 1Stop Translations
Pushing limits: the thriving relationship between the American and European iGaming business

Challenges and opportunities for iGaming business in the USA

Despite its growth, the US iGaming market is not without challenges. Operators must navigate a complicated regulatory environment that differs greatly between states. Another major obstacle is the fierce rivalry in the industry, as many providers are fighting for a piece of the action. Further, in order to remain relevant, the quick speed at which technology is developing demands constant innovation.

There are plenty of opportunities despite these difficulties. The repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) has been a game-changer, opening up the market to legal sports betting and, by extension, other forms of online gambling. States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan have emerged as leaders, showcasing the potential for revenue generation through iGaming. Additionally, the sector is witnessing a change in customer behavior, as online sportsbooks and mobile gaming are becoming more and more popular.

The financial outlook is also very positive. By 2028, the gross win volume of the US iGaming sector is expected to reach €53 billion, demonstrating a strong development trajectory. This is further supported by the increasing legalization of online gambling across various states and the rising popularity of sports betting.

Challenges and opportunities for iGaming market in the USA - 1Stop Translations
Rolling the dice: navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the iGaming business landscape of the USA

Set your iGaming business on the course to global success

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New regulations and new licences for the Italian iGaming market - 1Stop Translations

New regulations and new licences for the Italian iGaming market

With the recent acceptance of a new legal framework, Italian iGaming has entered a revolutionary period. This important move changes how online gambling and related licenses are viewed in Italy. The Reorganisation Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) was approved on January 2, 2024, which brought about the first significant changes to the Italian market since its establishment in 2011.

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The decree presents a thorough regulatory assessment of iGaming in Italy, emphasising the improvement of player protection—including that of minorsas well as the augmentation of social programmes and tax income. It also attempts to stop illegal conduct in the industry.

New regulations and new licences for the Italian iGaming market - 1Stop Translations

What will change for the Italian iGaming business?

A number of significant adjustments are brought about by Italy’s new iGaming regulations, which are expected to completely alter the country’s online gaming market.

The details are as follows:

Duration of License

The new licenses will be valid for nine years, giving operators more time to prepare and carry out their plans.

Expiration of Current Licenses

All of the licenses that are currently in effect are scheduled to expire by the end of this year, in accordance with the government’s plan to begin implementing the new iGaming regulations at the beginning of the following year.

Number of Licenses

A significant amount of interest in the Italian market is anticipated, with at least 50 requests from providers expected to seek these new licenses.

Cost of License

Each license will set operators back EUR 7 million, which is a big investment but a fair representation of the size of the iGaming sector in Italy.

Operating Fee

Operators shall pay an operating fee equal to 3% of Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), net of gaming taxes, in addition to the authorisation fee.

What will change for the Italian iGaming business? - 1Stop Translations
The Italian iGaming landscape: a shift on the horizon

Investment in Responsible Gaming

To demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, operators are required to allocate 0.2% of their Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), net of gambling taxes, to responsible gaming programmes.

Limitation on Ownership

Groups will be limited to possessing no more than five licenses in order to avoid market monopolisation.

Suitability Criteria

Only operators who uphold strict standards are permitted to enter the market, and the decree establishes extremely strict conditions to achieve these requirements.


In order to discourage operators and guarantee adherence to iGaming regulations, the potential penalties for non-compliance have been raised.

Limitations on Skins/White Label Websites

Operators are required to display their logo on a single website that has an Italian top-level domain name. The objective of this approach is to decrease customer confusion and simplify the market.

Registry for Shops Offering Top-Up Cards

Shops offering top-up cards for money transfers to gaming accounts are required to pay a yearly registration fee and be listed in a designated registry.

These changes are part of a larger initiative to bring Italy’s iGaming market up to date and make it safer, more regulated, and transparent for both operators and players. It is anticipated that the new framework will result in a more socially conscious and sustainable gaming environment in Italy.

New requirements for the Italian iGaming

The thorough revamp of Italy’s iGaming legislation improves security measures from a technical and payment processing perspective. These precautions are intended to strengthen the gaming ecosystem’s integrity and provide a safe environment for all parties.

Technically speaking, the new rules require internet platforms and software to follow strict guidelines in order to protect equity and stop fraud, dishonesty, and illegal access. This involves providing the regulatory body direct access to each of the casino’s servers, conducting thorough audits, and keeping a secure customer database to prevent illicit gaming activity.

New requirements for iGaming in Italy - 1Stop Translations
Here’s what you need to know about the latest regulations for Italian iGaming

Regarding payments, the rules impose a solid framework in order to safeguard financial activities. This covers the enforcement of the sureties given by the concessionaires as well as the demand for payment of concession fees, penalties, and interest. The goal is to guarantee that all financial transactions in the iGaming industry are open and honest.

In essence, the success of Italian iGaming operators in this new regulatory era will hinge on their ability to provide secure, fair, and transparent gaming experiences, underpinned by iGaming localisation and professional translations that resonate with a global audience.

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Why you should not compare the Latam iGaming market with the European one - 1Stop Translations

Why you should not compare the Latam iGaming market with the European one

Within the iGaming industry, Latin America and Europe are two very different environments, with very different complexities, opportunities and challenges. Even if there may be some surface-level parallels, a closer look shows a complex picture that necessitates a sophisticated perspective. Put simply, it is unlikely that a one-size-fits-all approach will produce the best outcomes.

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But before explaining why drawing analogies between the two is not only foolish but frequently inaccurate, it’s critical to understand the current situation in the Latam iGaming business.

Why you should not compare the Latam iGaming market with the European one - 1Stop Translations

A quick look at Latam iGaming business

Latin America (Latam), which is marked by a discernible spike in demand, is currently experiencing an unparalleled period of expansion, driven by several elements such as changing iGaming regulations and heightened consumer curiosity. Forecasts show that the industry will continue to grow and that key players will be well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities.

But in order to understand how the Latam iGaming market and European iGaming market differ from one another, we need to examine the unique geographical and regulatory characteristics of each continent.

The differences between Latin America and Europe in iGaming regulations and market

In contrast to the somewhat standardised terrain of Europe, Latin America is a huge region that is home to a diverse range of cultures, languages, and legal systems. Latin America’s diversity is as rich as it is complex, ranging from the sun-kissed coastlines of Brazil to the Andean heights of Colombia.

The differences between Latin America and Europe in iGaming regulations and market - 1Stop Translations
Explore the regulatory and market differences between Latam iGaming and Europe

Handling this complex terrain calls for a specialised strategy that breaks through borders and appeals to local sensitivities, not just a cursory knowledge of regional characteristics. Different nations have quite different legislative conditions, which calls for a customised approach for every market niche. What is legal in one place could be strictly restricted or even illegal in another, which emphasises the significance of legal advice from a comprehensive legal firm and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, cultural subtleties are crucial in determining the tastes and actions of customers, therefore communication and gaming offerings must be customised accordingly. Audiences in Argentina may not connect with the same content as those in Mexico, underscoring the necessity for subtle localisation techniques that cross over linguistic and cultural barriers.

The future of Latam iGaming: Challenges and opportunities

The growth of the Latin American iGaming sector has been primarily fuelled by technological breakthroughs, which have ushered in a period of unparalleled accessibility and creativity. With the widespread use of smartphones and high-speed internet connectivity, online gaming platforms are now more accessible to a wider range of people, allowing them to engage in virtual entertainment. Furthermore, the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies has become a disruptive force, providing a decentralised substitute for established payment systems and encouraging greater financial inclusion.

The Latam iGaming sector offers countless prospects, but it also presents a fair number of difficulties. A thorough awareness of local legislation is essential for navigating the complicated regulatory landscape; this is a difficult undertaking due to the lack of consistency among jurisdictions. Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know your customer (KYC) requirements must be followed to the letter, which makes due diligence procedures necessary to reduce risk and protect against future legal issues.

The future of Latam iGaming: Challenges and opportunities - 1Stop Translations
The future of LatAm iGaming is bright, with opportunities for growth and innovation

Moreover, industry participants must be flexible and agile due to the dynamic nature of the Latam iGaming sector. Consumer tastes are dynamic and always changing due to growing trends and changing socio-cultural factors. Keeping pace with these changes requires a proactive approach to market research and trend analysis, enabling companies to anticipate shifting consumer preferences and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Using localisation to bolster communication

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of a localised strategy given these complications. Successful iGaming market penetration is largely dependent on effective communication, which calls for carefully constructed messaging that appeals to regional audiences. Accuracy and cultural sensitivity are crucial whether translating marketing materials, game content, or website content.

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Although the Latin American iGaming business has enormous room for expansion and innovation, its environment is fundamentally different from that of Europe. iGaming businesses can confidently traverse the difficulties of the Latam market and take advantage of new prospects by adopting a localised strategy and utilising the experience of industry the iGaming translations specialists like 1Stop Translations. In doing so, they stand poised to carve out a niche in this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, shaping the future of gaming in Latin America and beyond.

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