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Africa: the iGaming El Dorado? 1Stop Translations and Suss Ads formalise their partnership - 1Stop Translations

Africa: the iGaming El Dorado? 1Stop Translations and Suss Ads formalise their partnership

Africa represents a new El Dorado for iGaming. In 2024, 1Stop Translations seizes this opportunity by entering into a strategic partnership with Suss Ads, a leading Kenyan technology and marketing services provider.

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This collaboration was born after the meeting between the two companies at ICE London held in February 2024, with the common intention of integrating their services for companies operating in the iGaming, sports betting and fintech sectors, and interested in expanding their business in the thriving African market.

Africa: the iGaming El Dorado? 1Stop Translations and Suss Ads formalise their partnership - 1Stop Translations

The result of their agreement is the integration of 1Stop Translations’ decades of experience in the field of professional translations and international digital marketing with Suss Ads’ expertise in the design and implementation of online advertising and SMS marketing campaigns.

Analysis of African iGaming market

Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing markets in terms of iGaming diffusion, thanks to its young population, the wide adoption of mobile technology, the evolution of the regulatory framework, and the cultural predisposition towards gambling and betting.

1Stop Translations and Suss Ads offer their clients a comprehensive solution: the planning and implementation of marketing campaigns tailored to the entire African market, localised in the target languages and with well-defined and measurable objectives.

Due to the complexity and linguistic variety present in Africa, the automatic translation of the texts of games, websites and marketing communications is ineffective, and often not completely correct, and this makes localisation services in the target languages necessary.

Localisation strategies for iGaming platforms in Africa

Localisation is a process of adapting content, making it culturally suited to local conventions. A specific advertising campaign, in order to have the same impact, will have to be modified in all its contents, message, tone, and images/videos from one country to another, in relation to the local culture. This process requires the collaboration of several professionals, including translators, proofreaders, copywriters and digital marketers.

1Stop Translations is a leading provider of translation and localisation services in 100 languages, with over 15 years of experience in the iGaming, sports betting, fintech and legal sectors. It also provides multilingual content writing services, SEO optimisation services for website and blog content, as well as social media management.

Suss Ads, on the other hand, is a digital hub expert in paid digital ads (Programmatic Ads) and SMS advertising campaigns. It helps companies grow by providing targeted, successful promotional campaigns that generate a concrete and measurable ROI. The experience in delivering effective advertising campaigns is proven by the testimonials of its customers. More details and insights can be found on the company website

Nicola Pansini, Sales and Marketing Manager at 1Stop Translations, states:

“We are proud to announce this agreement between 1Stop Translations and Suss Ads, because the two companies have a common goal: to provide their customers with the ​​best possible service in terms of quality and results. With this partnership, the two companies have integrated their service offering, becoming the point of reference for all companies operating in the iGaming and betting sector and looking for effective marketing solutions to expand their business in the African market.”

Dennis Maina, Suss Ads Managing Partner, says:

“We are excited to join forces with 1Stop Translations. This partnership will seamlessly integrate the expertise of 1Stop Translations in translations and international digital marketing with our own specialization in Programmatic Ads and SMS advertising campaigns. Together, we will offer a comprehensive solution that leverages technology and linguistic proficiency to empower our clients to reach and engage with their target audience effectively in the African market and beyond.”

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1Stop Translations successfully provided multilingual website translations for

1Stop Translations successfully provided multilingual website translations for

1Stop Translations successfully provided multilingual website translations for, achieving outstanding results in terms of quality and speed of execution.

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One of the most interesting projects of 2023 was providing professional translation services in 12 languages for, the website of Crypto Casino Games and Live Casino Slot Games.

1Stop Translations successfully provided multilingual website translations for aims to be the worldwide leader in the iGaming and online betting industry, using cutting-edge blockchain technologies. In order to achieve this ambitious goal and access key international markets, the company decided to make its website multilingual, implementing a linguistic redirection system based on the visitor’s geographical location.

The main challange

The main challenge of this project was merging two different sectors, iGaming and Crypto, while ensuring seamless and consistent communication for both markets. Thanks to the expertise and deep knowledge of our translators in these market niches, we were able to obtain translated texts with a high level of precision and terminological consistency, ensuring the content cohesion of the website.

Our team is composed by native-speaking professionals with at least 5 years of experience, who have been accurately selected based on their specialisation. In this way we were able to successfully translate into some of the most challenging Asian languages (including Hindi, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Japanese).

Translating into these languages must reflect the complexity of those distant cultures, capturing nuances and interpreting messages accurately. Therefore, content localisation is crucial to adapting texts to the culture of the destination country while preserving their original meaning.

Quality and speed of execution

Despite the complexity of the challenge, 1Stop Translations delivered the entire project in just 20 days. Our dedication and efficiency in responding promptly and accurately to customer needs distinguish us. Speed of delivery is an important value for us, and we will continue to ensure it in the future to contribute to the success and growth of our partners.

Johanna Ziller, Digital Marketing Manager of, expressed her satisfaction:

As a global online crypto casino & sports brand, we were initially concerned that we could not find translators who can translate both casino terms and crypto terms professionally, especially in 12 languages. We were pleasantly surprised to see how all the translations are efficiently and beautifully done, and we are excited to see how quality localisation will take to the next level.”

The testimony highlights our dedication to overcoming challenges and enhancing the position of companies like through high-quality translation and localisation services for the iGaming and Cryptocurrency industries.

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