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iGaming Marketing: how to retain customer loyalty for your online casino - 1Stop Translations

iGaming Marketing: how to retain customer loyalty for your online casino

Customer loyalty is important for any business, but for those in the iGaming industry, it’s indispensable. You need to make sure that you secure repeat customers – people who love your games and want to keep coming back. In this article, you’ll learn how good iGaming marketing can build customer loyalty right from the start.

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iGaming Marketing: how to retain customer loyalty for your online casino - 1Stop Translations

Bonus and rewards for your online casino and iGaming marketing strategy

A great iGaming marketing strategy starts with a great product. No matter how well-crafted your sales pitch might be or how expert your mobile app localization is, customers won’t stick around if you don’t have games they enjoy. Securing a customer base that’s both large and loyal means having a wide range of popular games that will draw in new customers and turn them into regular players.

Bonuses and rewards are great for encouraging return visits. Associating each of your popular games with a bonus makes them even more appealing. For instance, you could offer daily or weekly free spins on a roulette game, or free sessions on a popular slot game for repeat customers who log in every day.

Bonus and rewards for your online casino marketing strategy - 1Stop Translations
Bonuses and rewards are great for encouraging return visits

A welcome bonus, like free plays or complimentary credit to spend on your games, is a tried-and-tested iGaming marketing tool. This kind of bonus gives new customers a reason to sign up and creates a positive image for your company. Players like to feel valued and a signup bonus shows that you’re serious about welcoming new players.

Create the best iGaming experience with security and responsibility

Players put a lot of trust in iGaming services when they participate in online gambling. Your players need to know that their sensitive personal and financial data is protected at all times. It only takes one security breach to lose that trust. Once it’s gone, it’s very hard to get back. Using the best information security systems and practices keeps your customers’ data safe and protects your reputation.

Different players prefer different payment options. Some will be paying by credit or debit card, while others will prefer various online payment systems. Make sure that your site has a range of different secure payment options that your players can use. Players are more likely to sign up if you offer familiar and trusted payment methods.

Create the best iGaming experience with security and responsibility - 1Stop Translations
Players put a lot of trust in iGaming services when they participate in online gambling

Websites nowadays need to put responsive design front and centre. While many gamers enjoy the expansive and immersive feel of a desktop monitor, others prefer the convenience of a mobile device. Your site needs to look great and perform flawlessly on a range of devices, operating systems and display configurations.

Another factor to consider is the promotion of responsible gaming. Online gaming should be a fun and exhilarating pastime, not a dangerous compulsion. Your site should encourage players to game responsibly. Allow players to set a budget so they don’t spend too much and offer advice on keeping their gaming fun rather than risky. You should also give players the option to permanently block their accounts if they don’t feel able to use your site responsibly. Provide links to relevant support organizations for those who suffer from compulsive gambling.

Quality iGaming services: localization, customization and communication

The iGaming market is a global one, with players from all over the world logging on to enjoy the thrills and spills of online gaming. When you expand into markets overseas, great iGaming translations and localization are the keys to success. Players are more likely to join your site and stay around if they feel that you speak their language and are in touch with their culture. That’s why you need expert website and mobile app localization and professional translations.

Quality iGaming services: localization, customization and communication - 1Stop Translations
When you expand into markets overseas, great iGaming translations and localization are the keys to success

Multilingual content is also important for marketing and engagement on social media. Players want to see the latest news about their favourite gaming sites in their native language. Proper translation is also important for effective communication with your customers, something that’s vital for retention. Consider adding a multilingual chatbot to your site, too. These chatbots can provide customer support 24/7, regardless of which language the customer speaks. This saves players from long, annoying waits, putting the information they want at their fingertips.

At 1StopTranslations, we provide top-tier professional translations and localization services for the iGaming industry. We can help you reach and retain more players in more markets than ever before. Whether you’re looking for website translations, mobile app localization or translations for your iGaming marketing materials, we can help. To find out more about our iGaming translations and other services, contact us today.

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1Stop Translations at ICE London 2022

Our exciting experience at ICE London 2022

ICE London was the perfect opportunity to return to in-person meetings for the first time in two years, and it felt great seeing the stands packed with people. Not to mention the city of London, the setting for this extraordinary event.

We had a lot to share and we’re really happy we managed to do so with all our visitors, who came in large numbers. We met over 130 potential customers from 21 countries and 5 continents. It was very interesting to talk with them, to analyse the prospects and discuss future projects, to share the value that 1Stop Translations can offer by accompanying iGaming companies towards new goals and objectives.

1Stop Translations @ ICE LONDON 2022

It was exciting to meet our customers, to have a toast and a friendly chat with them. Some of the visitors became our customers during the pandemic, so we hadn’t yet had the chance to get to know them in person. Warm handshakes accompanied the satisfaction of finally being able to see each other in real life.

But there was much more at ICE: rediscovering the pleasure of being near other people, of associating human, three-dimensional faces to e-mails, video calls and Skype or Slack messages. OK, we’re getting a bit too personal now, but we really wanted to share it!

ICE London 2022

Here’s how it went at ICE 2022

First of all, our small but engaging stand. We received many compliments also thanks to the contribution of Sign It, our installation partner, who made sure we found upon arrival a stand perfectly in line with our expectations, with excellent visual impact and great attention to details. Really good work.

Right from the start, visitors showed a great deal of interest in our services. The slogan “Light Up Web3”, in combination with the series of services offered listed on the left wall of the stand, immediately communicated that we offer so much more than linguistic localisation.

In these years of hard work and fruitful relationships, many things have changed. We have grown and evolved from being a leading iGaming translation provider to a provider of over 30 integrated services oriented towards Digital Marketing, including emerging services such as NFT Marketing, Advergaming applied to the world of iGaming and Betting, SEO OUTREACH, for global on-line presence, and Influencer Marketing to initiate or consolidate the digital public relations structure.

Nearly two decades of experience in the sector allow us to nurture meaningful relationships and to provide advise on how to enter the Asian market or penetrate emerging African, Asian, and South American markets.

We created an internal department that meets all these needs, and we couldn’t wait to announce it at ICE. The result was a success!

Translations are and will always remain our key activity. We have been the leading company in the sector for 17 years, offering multilingual content marketing and high-quality language services.

Having said that, our minds and our creativity lead us towards the frontiers of the Metaverse, towards a new world full of opportunities.

Our name has become our mission: Now more than ever, 1Stop Translations is all you need—you needn’t go anywhere else!

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